Swardeston is a pretty village situated about 5 miles south west of the City of Norwich. It is a typical rural village, with the ubiquitous village pond, cricket ground and pavillion, a pub and a church. It has a claim to fame in that Edith Cavell was born here and lived here. There is still a house named after her in the village.

I have a large garden, about 8 acres in total, so have plenty of room for antennas.

I have two children and two grandchildren.

I am a retired TV/Video Technician, having spent 32 years in that industry.  I now spend my time g3ldi2writing for radio magazines, playing piano and gigging with a singer and a few local bands. I also have a lot of gardening to do! I enjoy chasing DX and have done ever since being licenced. I obtained my call, G3LDI, in August 1956. I have lived all my life in Norfolk, a great County, and still love it  I look more like this now however!


I was classically trained on piano from the age of 6 and gained my Diploma at 17. I played in the Norfolk County Music Festivals, and then took to Dance-band music as it was known then. I played in lots of bands, joining the Mecca circuit for a few years, then ran my own band for 40 years. My music page has more details.

I am Chairman of the British Amateur Teledata Group and besides writing articles for Radio Magazines, I do like Data modes. My favourite is RTTY, and I was active on that mode in the 1960’s with a Creed 7B, homebrew transmitter and long wire antennas. Now of course, I use MMTTY and N1MM + for contesting. I must admit it is very easy to run a RTTY contest using this method, much more relaxing than the old Machinery days, although I still remember those days with affection.

I still run a DX Cluster GB7RDX, Internet based only.